Hyborian Adventures

THE AGE OF CONAN: Hyborian Adventures is a slate of original fantasy-adventure novels set in the world of Hyboria, the land of Conan of Cimmeria, which was created by legendary pulp-era writer, Robert E. Howard. Conan Properties is packaging three trilogies and one three-book YA series for publisher Ace/Berkley.

The initial launch features three associated trilogies, each set in a different Hyborian realm. “There are so many untold stories in Hyboria, not just about Conan,” notes Theodore Berquist, CEO of Conan Properties, who is overseeing the series. “These books feature new adventures and characters, set during the time when Conan is king of Aquilonia, a period in Conan’s life taken from Robert E. Howard’s sole Conan novel, The Hour of the Dragon. This is generally accepted as the last true Conan tale if one were constructing a timeline, and puts the Cimmerian’s age at about forty-five. We felt that putting the Age of Conan stories in this era was the best way to explore other areas of Hyboria without disturbing already established continuity.”

The three Young Adult novels are stand-alone tales, separate from the core trilogies, with their own storylines and continuing characters (though they will conform to overall Conan history).

Currently in production, the writers for the series are Loren L. Coleman, J. Steven York, Richard A. Knaak and Jeff Mariotte. Cover paintings for the entire series are being done by Justin Sweet. The first trilogy is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2005.

Ace Books is the oldest established science fiction and fantasy imprint in the business, having published both Howard and Burroughs in the Sixties and Seventies.

The Series

Each trilogy takes place in one of Hyboria’s many kingdoms. In the initial three trilogies, these realms are: Cimmeria, Conan’s homeland; Aquilonia, the most advanced Hyborian society; and Stygia, a dark land ruled by magic and intrigue.

Loren L. Coleman is writing LEGENDS OF KERN, the Cimmerian trilogy. This adventure tells the story of Kern, a young Cimmerian who, though banished from his own people, eventually leads a band of elite fighters against vicious northern invaders and their demonic ally, uniting the fractious Cimmerian clans as no one has done before.

J. Steven York is writing the CULT OF THE SERPENT trilogy, which is set in Stygia. In this narrative young Anok Wati’s father dies in his arms, the victim of a temple assassins. After years of living on the street, becoming the leader of a small gang of petty thieves, Anok unexpectedly learns the truth behind his father’s murder. This sets him on a course of revenge and retribution, which sees Anok leaving his home and traveling to south to train as an acolyte in the most dreaded snake cult in Stygia, a cult he plans to destroy. Literally infected with the Blood of Set, Anok must tread a fine line between honoring his father and succumbing that which he most hates.

Richard A. Knaak is writing A SOLDIER’S QUEST, the Aquilonian trilogy. This series details the adventures of one Nermesa, a royal-born Aquilonian who turns his back on his heritage in order to follow a military career. This puts him close proximity to Aquilonia’s warrior-king, Conan of Cimmeria, to whom he becomes fiercely loyal. Nermesa’s adventures take him to the four corners of Aquilonia, involve him in dark intrigues and passionate romance, battles with traitorous rebels and murderous magicians.

Jeff Mariotte is writing the first three MARAUDERS books, the Hyborian YA series. These stand-alone tales feature a “Lost Boys” style group of young adventures (boys and girls) whose exploits take them through all parts of Hyboria, with their first stops being Cimmeria, Stygia and Aquilonia.

Justin Sweet is creating the cover images for the first twelve books in the Age of Conan series.

The Creators

Loren L. Coleman, after spending five years as a member of the United States Navy, Nuclear Field, turned to fiction writing and game design. He quickly made a name for himself with some dozen MechWarrior and BattleTech novels, winning readers with his intense battle scenes. He currently resides in Washington State with his wife and three children.
J. Steven York has published multiple novels (most recently, MechWarrior, Fortress of Lies), novellas, short-stories, and e-books. He's written fiction for computer games, and scripts for radio. In addition to his solo work, he's co-written two Star Trek S.C.E. novellas with his wife, romance writer Christina York, and has made a number of collaborations with his friend Dean Wesley Smith. He lives on the Oregon coast with his wife Chris, two cats named Oz and Banzai, and a battalion of GI Joes.
Richard A. Knaak splits his time between Chicago and Arkansas, and has been published since 1987. His latest Dragonlance epic, Tides of Blood, the second novel in The Minotaur Wars series now out in hardcover, as is The Well of Eternity, the first in the War of the Ancients saga based on the game Warcraft. He is currently at work on Empire of Blood -- the final volume of The Minotaur Wars -- and on The Sundering, the conclusion of his Warcraft trilogy. Richard A. Knaak's novels, including the New York Times bestseller The Legend of Huma, and his DragonRealm series, have sold well over a million copies in several languages. His short fiction has appeared in nine Dragonlance anthologies.
Jeff Mariotte has written many novels, including original young adult horror series Witch Season, and adult horror novel The Slab, as well as several books of fiction and nonfiction set in the universes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, Charmed, and Star Trek. He also writes comic books, some of which have been nominated for Stoker and International Horror Guild awards. He lives in San Diego, California with his family and pets.
Justin Sweet studied art at Cal State Fullerton and later worked for Black Isle studios. More recently he has been doing freelance work for various game and book publishers, as well as production companies and magazines. A noted fantasy artist, some of his clients include Disney, National Geographic, Wizards of the Coast, Tor, DelRey and Wandering Star. Justin’s work has been featured in Spectrum, from which he received both a gold and silver medal. He lives in southern California with his wife and three children.