First Look:

McFarlane Toys has released the first images from their upcoming Conan action figures — a six-piece set featuring the mighty Cimmerian, Bêlit, and other characters and creatures from Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian world. These exciting figures will be available in August, 2004.

"We are really glad that to have the opportunity to take the incredible stories of Robert E. Howard and bring those popular characters to life with a line of figures," said McFarlane Toys founder and CEO Todd McFarlane. "My company will give them the detail and attention they deserve."

For more details on the Conan action figures, check out the McFarlane Toys website.

"We’re blown away by the realism of these figures," stated Theodore Berquist, CEO at Conan Properties International. "McFarlane’s dynamic interpretation of Conan and Hyboria is a fully realized vision. We look forward to a long association with them."

Shown here is an exclusive image from McFarlane Toys’ Conan line.