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The Path on the Edge of Hell...

15 July 2013 - 05:13 AM

I was recently having a few water cooler discussions about, Star Wars actually, and the difference in flavour between some of the old school light saber fights and the newer more wushu oriented scenes, particularly expressing a disdain for a flipping and twirling Yoda.


Anyway, I was making a point- a valid one I thought lol - that the fight in particular between Darth Vader and Obi Wan was really well done, and that one of the things that made me feel like light sabers were fracking awesome when I was a kid was that to me, it looked a lot like they were fighting a samurai duel, primarily because they both showed a very obvious respect for the light saber blade.


This then led me to dig up some of my old japanese comics, particularly Lone Wolf & Cub, and for the life of me I couldn't find them anywhere. I suffered a severe loss of goods when an HVAC team botched a central air job, and to this day I am still realizing what I've lost, it really sucks.


Then, I am also a DJ, and so 4th Chamber by RZA on Liquid Swords is a gem I rarely fail to drop, and it begins with an intro to Shogun Assassin. I didn't realize that these movies were cut together from the original Japanese films, and while looking and putting around on the web, hemming and hawing as to wether to plunk down the coin on the collection on DVD, lo and behold, a youtube channel called japaneseclassics has 3 seasons of the TV show. I wouldn't be able to agree or disagree, but some have said that this very closely follows the manga, and the author was in charge of the production. I may be wrong, correct me please if so. There was also another TV show, or movie, I believe. It's a bit confusing.


So I figured, let's begin watching it. I've gone through it once, and want to see it again. It might be cool to treat this like a book club, where we all watch and comment after the episode. Warning, there is occasional nudity.


episode 1