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In Topic: Stephen Fabian: One of the Great Illustrators of REH

Yesterday, 01:29 AM

Re-upping Mr. Fabian's thread...


IMO (disregarding all the incredible work he's done illustrating the prose of Merritt, Vance and others), Stephen Fabian is quite possibly the greatest "Howardian" artist out there. Don't get me wrong. My favorite fantasy artist WILL ALWAYS BE FRANK FRAZETTA.


That said, Fabian has done illos for EVERY "major" Robert E. Howard character and quite a few "minor" ones (though I'd disagree that Eithriall the Gaul or Donn Othna are "minor").


Stephen Fabian is a major talent. I'm very glad I got to tell him that at the 2006 World Fantasy Convention.   :)






This is from the "Raum" book, but just as easily an Aquilonian or Nemedian lancer.

I have had this book on my shelf for several years, and finally opened it up the other day for the first time; surprise! Despite the really unimpressive cover art, the interior art is excellent. I hope the story is as good as the art. Anyone read this one yet?

In Topic: NC Wyeth: Major Artist of the 20th Century (Frazetta Influence)

Yesterday, 01:21 AM


My favorite 'The First Cargo'



Between the swords, helms and shaven chins, it actually is as good a painting of Gauls/Keltoi as "Vikings". Great stuff, regardless.

Even if real Vikings never had horned helms, Duece is right; these boys mean business! Has the look of an old-school pulp adventure tale.

In Topic: Men's Action Adventure Fiction

09 October 2014 - 03:35 PM

Taking a break from S&S and jumping into the "Men's Adventure" literature ring. I know, I know. Most of this stuff is pretty trashy, written quickly for demanding publishers for very little money. But it is the modern version of the old-time pulps of the 30's and 40's, and a few good authors cut their writing teeth creating those tales back in the day! These paperbacks from the 70's and 80's cover a pretty wide range of sub-genres, like WWII, Vietnam, American West, Cold War, Mafia and Post-Nuke. I just downloaded the Post-Nuke series Phoenix, by David Alexander, from Amazon for $9. Five books in this series, and not a bad deal. Only 100 or so pages in, but what a ride. Hyper-violent, lurid, sexist, ridiculous and completely over-the-top! It's as if the author was making fun of the whole super-masculine hero adventure; and I think he was doing it on purpose. A real hoot if you don't take it seriously. Lots of good info online at the Glorious Trash blog on all sorts of these types of books. I would like to hear from folks at this site about this pulpy goodness; anyone read this stuff? Any favorites? Don't be embarrassed, I won't judge you-I love trash!

In Topic: Additions to my bookshelf

27 September 2014 - 03:56 AM

Recently picked-up The Savage Warriors and The Great Captains by Henry Treece. Also got Raven #1-Swordmistress of Chaos by Richard Kirk and The Tritonian Ring by L. Sprague deCamp. I have never read any pure deCamp works before, so I will give this one a try. My to-read bookshelf groans in protest...

In Topic: Which current author could best write pastiche Conan?

20 September 2014 - 03:40 PM

The Kull pastiche "Treason in Zagadar" by Adrian Cole is very well done, and proves that with careful author selection and good editorial work, an excellent anthology could be assembled that would be respectful to Howard's worlds, rather than a series of pale imitations. Not easy to do, but I think the talent and respect is out there...