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In Topic: What Are You Listening To Right Now?

17 September 2015 - 04:11 AM

AC/DC- Highway to Hell. REAL hard rock, the way I like it!

In Topic: Sword-and-Sorcery Fiction

13 September 2015 - 05:07 AM

Morgan's line up is pretty flawless; I'd pay good money for a nice trade paperback copy. Oh, with some kick-ass cover art too, please!

In Topic: Henry Treece: Howardian Historical Fictioneer

10 September 2015 - 01:21 PM

Just nabbed a hardcover copy of Treece's The Green Man at my local used book store. Looking forward to giving this book a try, sounds very intriguing...

In Topic: Swords against Cthulhu - S&S meets the Mythos

04 September 2015 - 02:25 PM

I finished SWORDS AGAINST CTHULHU Tuesday night. I will be writing a review for the Castalia House blog on Sunday.



I look forward to your review. By the way, did you get a copy of Barbarian Crowns? I have only read a few tales so far, and I would like to read your thoughts on this anthology.

In Topic: Bernard Cornwell: Great Historical Author

18 August 2015 - 07:05 PM

Boo...unable to view this video in Canada!
Hope it's good, I have the first two books in this series, gritty and bloody dark ages mayhem!
Hmm, will it air in Canada?