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In Topic: Good Novels/Fiction About Vikings

25 March 2015 - 07:33 PM

Just finishing God of Vengence by Giles Kristian. Awesome prequel to the Raven trilogy, this is bold and bloody Viking fiction as it should be. Next up, I am looking at possibly tackling Byzantium-A Novel, by Michael Ennis. This is a big book, something like 800 pages, and tells a tale of the Varangian Guard, and specifically the life of Harold Hardrada. Reviews are few and far between, but mostly positive; I am unsure if I can make the commitment to a novel so large! Anyone out there read this novel? Opinions?

In Topic: Cormac Mac Art: Howard's Dark Age Irish Pirate

23 March 2015 - 03:36 AM

Yeah, I can see a bit of Cormac in your Bard tales, but Felimid Mac Fal is still one of the more unique characters I have encountered. With the two Cormac novels you plotted, along with the Bard series and the cool Kamose stories, you are possibly one the the better equipped writers to tackle a full-on Howard pastiche novel. A new Cormac novel would be a treat!


***poss spoiler alert***


By the way, I have yet to read Bard IV; I am afraid to. I seen a spoiler on line, and I am not yet ready to read about the passing of a certain raven haired pirate-queen. She is such an awesome character! The book has been on my shelf for several years now, and I have cracked it at least 3 or 4 times now, without being able to get past the first chapter. But it is time to man-up and read this book!

In Topic: Tarzan: ERB's Savage, Iconic Hero

13 March 2015 - 10:38 PM

My book came in today-looks great. It's a perfect match with the Complete Chronicles of Conan. Here's hoping all of the Tarzan books will be re-printed soon. It seems every time some publisher starts putting out the books, they never get very far ...

In Topic: Conan; The Queen's Gift

13 March 2015 - 03:08 PM





That's a fine tale thedarkman, told with good narrative economy with some nice Howardian touches!


Imho, you've definitely captured a stronger Howardian vibe with this one (stylistically, not just because it's a Conan tale) with perhaps a touch of Cormac mac Art there too. Your Gunnolf tale posted a while back (which was great too) reminded me more of KEW.


As you say, sticking to REH's timeline and approach (random tales told by an adventurer rarely following any ordered plan) works much better for pastiches, methinks, at least in prose form.


It needs a very light edit in a couple of places, but that's no uncommon thing, my own stuff needs that too.


How did you feel writing Conan instead of Gunnolf? Did you learn anything that can get you unstuck on you own tale? Don't let that Gunnolf tale give you the slip. Hope you will return to it renewed with some fresh perspective and insight.

Thanks for taking the time to read this story VonKalmbach! I really appreciate your opinions and help.


I found writing a Conan tale surprisingly liberating. I initially started without looking at Howard's timeline, but luckily I checked it out. But since this story was not too serious in terms of effort, and it will never be submitted for publication, it was just plain fun to write. No pressure, and good practice. I will try to take the same attitude in when I tackle my unfinished Gunnolf story.


I really thought the Gunnolf story was a not whole lot different than this Conan tale, until you mentioned it. I took a closer look, and I can see it now, especially in my second unfinished story; way more KEW! I thought I was doing a mash-up of several barbarian S&S heroes, but Gunnolf leans towards Kane for sure. I will try to make him mostly a "barbarian" Kane rather than the "sorcerer/barbarian/schemer/devil" Kane that KEW perfected. And I hope Gunnolf will be different enough to avoid outright plagerism!


Thanks again for taking the time to read this post; now, back to the adventures of Gunnolf!

In Topic: Conan; The Queen's Gift

12 March 2015 - 03:29 AM

Thanks guys for taking the time to read this vingette. I was stuck in the middle of my next Gunnolf adventure, and was getting nowhere, so I just thought I would try something fun. Ignoring the timlines created by all the other pastiches out there, I just picked a small area between two of Howard's tales and threw something together. I read how John Maddox Roberts did the same, sticking to Howard's timeline only for his tales. I cannot imagine plotting and writing an entire novel-far beyond my skills, for now at least. I would love to see a modern anthology of short stories written by current authors who love and understand Howard's characters and worlds. An anthology with tales about Conan,Cormac, Bran, El Borak, Kull ...all those great heroes, in one massive omnibus of short stories and novellas.I would pay good money for a book like that!


Maybe I will try a Bran tale next...