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The Legend of Conan by Robert E. Howard

10 January 2015 - 02:26 AM

Just saw this at Amazon.  Publication date is August 1, 2015




The Legend of Conan by Robert E. Howard

D&D article in Boston Globe

02 January 2015 - 04:51 PM

Playing D&D includes gaming in Conan's universe, in my book.  Check out this article in the Boston Globe about the resurgence of the game, due to the Fifth Edition.


Click Here.

STAR WARS The Force Awakens

28 November 2014 - 10:21 PM

The first teaser trailer is out, on youtube!
Dude...even from this little bit...it looks AWESOME!
I mean freakin' AWESOME!!!
Just from what they give you, I can tell the entire vibe of the film is going in a more realistic way.  The plastic, shiny, kiddie approach of the prequels is GONE (and good riddance).
I haven't felt this way since I saw the first Star Wars trailer back in 1977.
Dudes...this looks GOOD.


21 October 2014 - 03:51 AM

Watch that singing show on TV, The Voice? I never watch shows like that, but this season, I have a co-worker who has a daughter on the show. Her stage name is Regan James. She's 15 years old, and she's on Blake Shelton's team.
She's doing her Battle tomorrow night (Tuesday, 10-21-14), if you want to catch her.
This is her second appearance. Her first was when she got on the show.
She's pretty damn good. I wish I was that good at something at age 15. People are saying the she could be the next Taylor Swift (Swift's father also works for my company--at least he did when she first got started--though not in the same city).
Check it out.
Oh...and as far as the show goes....
I always roll my eyes when people talk about these types of shows. Dancing With The Stars this, and American Idol that. Who cares.
Well, I tuned in, and I am totally blown away at how well these shows are put together. The performances are amazing, and there's so much emotion in the program--all those people doing whatever they can to reach for their dream. 
I've had lumps in my throat and goose bumps several times.
I now see why people watch it.
The Voice. 
Regan James.

I Need A New God

26 July 2014 - 04:49 PM

To the tune of I Wanna New Drug by Hewey Lewis And The News...
I need a new god.  One that's gonna fit,
In my roleplaying game, one that's gotta twist
Nature, man, you Conan fan
I need a new god
OK, before I go digging through the tombs, I'm looking for an Hyborian Age god that I can use in Argos for a lost ruin that I'm planning on having the players discover in the hills between Argos and Shem.  The focus of this place is twisted nature.  Think of a bad druid, with vines and weeds used for sorcerous purposes.  Sacrifices held down to the ground by nasty, dark vines that rapidly grow their way out of the ground to act as bonds.  Carnivorous plants.  Things like that.
Is there a god already in one of the Hyborian Age religions or cults that would foot this type of bill?