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The Conan Roleplaying Game - Second Edition

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Posted 24 February 2006 - 02:52 AM

Conan: The RPG
From Mongoose Publishing

An age undreamed of…dare to adventure during the Hyborian Age!

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Enter the Hyborian Age. The civilised kingdoms at the heart of the world make war on one another with massed ranks of mercenaries while idle nobles chatter and gossip in the courts of Aquilonia and Nemedia. In the north the barbarians of Asgard, Vanaheim and Cimmeria make war on anyone close enough to raid and in the west the Picts savagely reject the encroachment of settlers into their primeval forests. Pirates infest both the open ocean in the south and the inland Vilayet sea, earning the ire of Stygian sorcerer-priests and Turanian horse lords alike. This world of expansive plains, steaming jungles, ancient tombs and otherworldly horrors gives no quarter - you must wrest your destiny from it with the strength of your limbs and the edge of your sword!

The Conan RPG allows players to take the on the roles of characters from this rich and vivid world, whether Hyborians or any of the other myriad races who people the tales of Conan. As Howard’s hero did, they can learn the skills of the thief, the mercenary soldier, the desert nomad and other roles on their way to greatness.

Conan 2nd Edition. Are you ready?

Rulebooks for the Conan RPG

Conan RPG - Second Edition - This second edition of the Conan roleplaying game both tidies up and expands the original. Several subtle changes have been made to the mechanics to reflect the experiences of players over the past four years and the informed commentary of Conan experts, but it remains fully compatible with all the material from the previous edition. In addition you can find new character options, more combat manoeuvres, new spells to cast or suffer from and an expanded section of human enemies in the bestiary.

Conan - The RPG - Atlantean Edition (1st Edition) – The 352-page, lavishly illustrated full-color rule book realizes the world of Conan as never before. The only rulebook you need to play the Conan RPG.

Pocket Conan RPG - The Conan Atlantean Edition in a handy sized pocket filler format

GM Screen for the Conan RPG - Tables to help the GM with wonderful art from the game

Supplements available for the Conan RPG:

The Road of Kings- A gazetteer of the Hyborian age. Cultures and locations are discussed, new feats are offered and a few characters from the saga appear.

The Scrolls of Skelos - This book is named for its most ancient forebear, and forms the first supplement for the Conan Roleplaying Game. Here you will find information on rounding out sorcerous characters in the game, whether run by players or the Games Master.

The Pirate Isles - Within this book you will find dozens of carefully crafted ideas, hung up for your barbaric pleasures. Fine wenches dance forbidden dances, a river of yellow gold flows from callused hands, pirates leap from deck to deck, staining their spears red with blood. Night will soon fall on the Hyborian Age, but not before its' greatest hero sails the seas on a path of blood and ruin.

Across Thunder River - The author's (Vincent Darlage) favorite supplement, this book details life in the Westermark and in the Pictish wilderness. The supplement offers new feats, NPCs and an adventure.

The Free Companies - Welcome to The Free Companies, a book about warfare in the Hyborian Age. Within these pages you will find rules allowing you to play as a mercenary, soldier, officer, or generals. You will also find new feats, a handful of prestige classes, and new rules for looting entire cities.

Shadizar - City of the Wicked - The first book in this Conan Adventure Set discusses the City of Wickedness in detail, discoursing on such varied topics as religion (these days a nearly forbidden topic in other cultures), clothing (if worn), occupations, lurid entertainments and diversions, trade, social standing, slavery, prostitution, drinking dens, taxes, illicit ventures throughout the city. The second book in this box details new rules and game information, including new types of Reputation, an updated and expanded gazetteer written in the style of Conan: The Road of Kings, a Zamorian name table and a short bestiary containing monsters from a number of sources featuring Shadizar and Zamora. The third book to be found herein details a complete adventure, taking characters deep into the shady heart of Shadizar: City of Wickedness.

Aquilonia - Flower of the West - This supplement details Aquilonia and offers stats on King Conan, his advisors and his family

Messantia - City of Riches - Messantia – City of Riches is the second Cities box set for Conan the Roleplaying Game, following the same pattern as the hugely anticipated Shadizar – City of the Wicked

Hyboria's Fiercest - Barbarians, Borderers and Nomads - This 128-page book discusses how the various cultures of Conan's age look at the barbarian, borderer and nomad classes.

Hyboria's Finest - Nobles, Scholars and Soldiers - Nobles, scholars and soldiers are mainstays of the Conan stories as well as the focus of this rule-book.

Hyboria's Fallen - Pirates,Thieves and Temptresses - Pirates. Thieves. Temptresses. The fallen classes of the Hyborian age live amongst the shadows, lurking and hiding in the dark recesses of every city.

Stygia – The long-awaited sourcebook to the most evil of Hyborian Kingdoms is now here. With great pyramids and lurking reptiles, lost tombs and endless deserts, Stygia is an ominous backdrop for any Conan campaign. Rife with intrigue, murder and horror, this land is ripe for any any engaging scenario and every adventuring band should visit this place at least once. Covering the culture, society, military and magic of Stygia, this book contains everything you need to open the doors to a land that is both wondrous and terrible.

Faith & Fervour - This volume is designed to answer those questions, not to become some sort of 'divine bestiary' of fiends and foes for Conan the Roleplaying Game characters to fight and defeat. The religions are divided up largely by culture, detailing even a few heresies and alternate religions at variance with the 'official' religion of an area. New feats, spells and other concepts are also detailed.

Tito's Trading Post - Tito's Trading Post is a 96 page hardback book designed to bring you the very best of equipment, weapons and luxuries from across the Hyborian Kingdoms.

Ruins of Hyboria - The finding of something lost to time reminds entropy of its job and it usually returns to make sure the job is finished. Herein lies many tales for the players and Games Masters of Conan the Roleplaying Game to experience firsthand, to take part in and play a hand in.

Argos & Zingara - Welcome to Argos & Zingara, the maritime nations of the Hyborian age. Argos and Zingara are two of the most politically volatile nations of the world, where men's destinies are decided through wealth and sword. These are vibrant realms of bloody strife and darksome horror. The cities of these two nations have begun to throw off the shackles of feudalism and the nations shudder beneath the tread of the wealthy merchants, who are neither noble nor peasant. One's skills are as important as the circumstances of one's birth.

The Conan Compendium - The Conan Compendium collects information from the breadth of Hyboria and binds it together in one handy reference. Sourced from the very best Signs & Portents articels, the Conan Compendium expands the parameters of the Conan Roleplaying Game in dozens of unique and essential ways. Includes two brand new adventures!

Shem - Trade and debauchery, caravans and raiders, luxury and aridity, a land of elite warriors and shrewd merchants has intrigued readers for decades, but has never been fully examined. Now, Shem, the Gateway to the South, is finally revealed. The people of the vast meadowlands in their enigmatic zikkurats and the nomad clans of the eastern deserts are studied in great detail in this exhaustively researched volume for Conan the Roleplaying Game. Find out what being a Shemite means and explore their divided culture. Learn of the mighty asshuri and the military might of this fantastic Hyborian Age land, a land whose sons are highly sought as skilled mercenaries. Explore the zikkurats of the gods and walk through the streets of Akbitana.

Return to the Road of Kings - Nemedia, Ophir, Brythunia, Hyberborea, Zamora with its dark-haired women and towers of spider-haunted mystery, Zingara with its chivalry, Koth that bordered on the pastoral lands of Shem, Stygia with its shadow-guarded tombs, Hyrkania whose riders wore steel and silk and gold. But the proudest kingdom of the world was Aquilonia, reigning supreme in the dreaming west. As the Road of Kings takes a traveler through the glittering and decadent realms of the lost Hyborian Age, so too does this tome work toward the same end. These fabled lands of ancient times are the shimmering background of your Conan The Roleplaying Game, the gleaming backdrop against which your action is set. These cultures, the grand forbearer's of more modern times, are magnificent and degraded all at the same time. Each culture has its dark, rotten core and its flashy exterior, its gilt mask of civility.

Player's Guide to the Hyborean Age - The world of Conan is dark and dangerous and the people that inhabit it are well suited to their environs. The Player’s Guide to the Hyborean Age contains new rules and information that can help your Player Character succeed where otherwise he might fail. No longer will Player Characters be relegated to being a mere collection of statistics... now a character can have hidden depths and goals too. Extensive guidelines on personality types are included, to help round out nascent Player Characters.

The Player’s Guide to the Hyborean Age contains new races, feats and spells that can be used within the game, helping to make each character truly unique, with multiple equipment kits to allow characters to be properly attired either by their culture or location.

Also included are indexes detailing where to find the spells and character options already published in other Conan supplements. The Player’s Guide to the Hyborean Age is an invaluable sourcebook for the Conan game, expanding upon the information provided in the main rulebook and other supplements to enhance the experience of adventuring in the Hyborean Age.

Bestiary of the Hyborian Age - Creeping forth from the shadowed tombs and haunted forests of the Hyborian Age come creatures previously unseen by man, exotic animals from the far corners of the world and coiling horrors to test even the mettle of Conan himself. From colossal animals, avatars of nature's fury, to ancient and unholy things that have slithered in the darkness since the turning of the age, to shapeless blasphemies from beyond time and space itself, this book contains over 100 beasts and other entities to challenge Hyborian heroes. The bones of lesser men crunch underfoot; it is time to earn your place in legend.

Secrets of Skelos - The Hyborian Age is a time of great and terrible sorcery. Whether rising from forgotten tombs, lurking in darksome and primeval forests or presiding over grim temples and blood-soaked altars, the malevolent influence of sorcery is inescapable. Adventurers must tread carefully and hone their weapons, for the strongest sorcery can strike without warning and deflect the most potent attacks.

This expansion for Conan the Roleplaying Game updates the previous book 'Scrolls of Skelos' for second edition and adds new spells for your heroes to cast or cower from, new feats, new unusual and magical items to confound and amaze, and new beasts whose very existence is a testament to the power of magic. Whether he uses Frost Magic, legions of Henchmen or a single Lord of the Black Circle, a sorcerer is now an even more formidable threat. Secrets of Skelos also includes full rules for designing and using your very own sorcerous cults, even allowing Player Characters to create their own insidious conspiracies.

Khitai - Far to the east lies Khitai, and ancient and sorcerous civilisation. A land of haunted jungles filled with forbidden knowledge, this Conan sourcebook will introduce players to a strange and terrifying nation. New sorcery awaits intrepid explorers, but they must negotiate mysterious temples, ringing with golden chimes, and avoid the fall out from the vicious silk trade. For the first time, Khitai is brought to life among the Hyborian Kingdoms.

Cities of Hyboria - The perfect companion to Ruins of Hyboria, this book provides several fully detailed city-based encounters that can be played throughout the Hyborian Kingdoms. Each is laid out to be run after just a glance of a few moments, ensuring a Games master is never caught off balance whenever his players choose to go somewhere unexpected – keep this book near your gaming table, and your players will marvel at detail you have worked into your campaign!

Cimmeria - The homeland of Conan himself is now detailed, for the first time. Explore the original land of barbarians, experience their culture, and develop your own Cimmerian characters. This sourcebook is packed full of in-depth detail of Cimmeria and its people, along with the hazards facing both explorers and invaders.

Warrior's Companion - Within the Kingdoms of the Hyborian Age, men and women of adventure are best advised to learn the use of arms, be they knife, axe or sword! The greatest heroes of the age have carved their names into history with their weapons, and the Warrior’s Companion is dedicated to such characters. Within this tome, you will find new tactics, character options, weapons, and feats, all designed to increase the skill and expertise of players who are devoted to characters defined by their skill in arms.

Catacombs of Hyboria - The perfect companion to both Ruins of Hyboria and Cities of Hyboria, this book provides several fully detailed underground-based encounters that can be played throughout the Hyborian Kingdoms. Each is laid out to be run after just a glance of a few moments, ensuring a Games Master is never caught off balance whenever his players choose to go somewhere unexpected – keep this book near your gaming table, and your players will marvel at detail you have worked into your campaign!

Adventures available for the Conan RPG:

The Black Stones of Kovag-Re - The Black Stones of Kovag-Re is the first adventure from Mongoose Publishing for Conan the Roleplaying Game. Set in ancient Zamora, it is a boisterous tale of kidnap and intrigue for a party of 1st-3rd level characters.

The Coming of Hanuman - This exciting new adventure for Conan the Roleplaying Game sees the players thrust into the turmoil of desert warfare in eastern Shem.

Tales of the Black Kingdom - Of the many adventures faced by Conan the Cimmerian, his exploits in the many lands of the Black Kingdoms are by far some of the most tantalizing and tempestuous of the various tales. The purpose of this trilogy of adventures is to give other Hyborian adventurers a chance to experience the Black Kingdoms as well.

Tower of the Elephant - These scenarios give Player Characters the opportunity to test their mettle against the greatest of all adventurers – Conan of Cimmeria. Can they survive the trials otherwise set before him? Have they the courage, the stoutness of heart, clearness of mind and strength of sinew to walk the path trod by the mighty barbarian?

Heretics of Tarantia - Heretics of Tarantia is a Conan Roleplaying Game scenario of a different breed. Rather than hunting through a plague-ridden jungle in search of a city so old it has been forgotten by history – and would best stay that way, or tracking a corrupt sorcerer to his demon-haunted lair, bringing him to bay and slaying him to prove the might of metal over magic, Heretics of Tarantia is a story of intrigue, backstabbing, politicking and murder in that most princely of cities, Tarantia, capital of Aquilonia, the Flower of the West.

Conan and the Lurking Terror of Nahab - This adventure is a fully contained story centered greatly around not only the murderous beast stalking the streets of Nahab, but also the political tensions between the different castes of people found in the city itself. It is a place where just the right situation could spark a massive war between the nobles again, or a full scale revolt from the people who serve them.

The Conan Compendium
The Conan Compendium collects information from the breadth of Hyboria and binds it together in one handy reference. Includes two brand new adventures!

Conan: Reavers of Vilayet
The pirates and raiders of the kozaks are locked in a bitter war with the mighty empire of Turan, and between these warring factions is the wide sea of Vilayet, whose waters run red with blood! When you are caught up in the struggle of empires across the sea, for which side will you raise your sword? An adventure scenario for the Conan RPG.
To Retail for: $9.95

Trial By Blood - At the height of King Conan’s reign, when he and his queen had blessed the world with a son and the kingdoms of Hyboria were separated by thin lines of tension and borders that were fragile as glass, there existed a prophecy. The prophecy spoke of the Blood of Atlantis, the true blood of the rulers of the world, which would flow in the veins of a young girl, who would give the fallen continent of Atlantis an heir – an heir that would unseat all the kings of men.

King Conan’s enemies had begun gathering all of the girls who match the prophecy, preparing the one to bear the child that would call up the forces of Atlantis to sack Tarantia and end Conan’s reign once and for all.

Trial of Blood is the first mega-campaign for the Conan Roleplaying Game Second Edition, placing a group of young adventurers in the path of prophecy and potentially disastrous events that could change Hyboria forever. Taking the characters from their roots as young men and women and hurling them through a series of linked scenarios that will pit them ultimately against the fate of Hyboria itself.

Can your group of unlikely heroes possibly change the verdict of the Trial of Blood and save King Conan?

Betrayer Of Asgard - A new campaign for the Conan RPG. A new threat from the north attracts the attention of the Player Characters and they will have to overcome new enemies in this exciting campaign.

Adventures in Hyboria - A collection of brand new, ready to play scenarios for the Conan roleplaying game, Adventures in Hyboria is an essential tool for the busy Games Master. Simply pick an adventure of a level suitable for your players, and begin! Adventures in Hyboria will take you across the many kingdoms of the age, confronting sorcerers, confounding temptresses and seizing the greatest treasures of the ages!

Mongoose Conan RPG

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