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**** Forum Rules & Guidelines: Read Before Posting ****

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Posted 08 September 2006 - 04:00 AM

Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Official Robert E. Howard forums – a friendly community devoted to the imaginative, incredible and diverse literary works of Robert E. Howard. In order to improve your enjoyment of this site – and the enjoyment of others - we ask that you adhere to the following posting guidelines:

1. Read the Terms of Use: When you registered as a member you agreed to abide by the Terms of Use of conan.com and you are expected to be familiar with them and follow them. These may be revised from time to time, so please check them periodically to ensure that you are up to date.

2. Post in the correct forum: The Official Robert E. Howard Forum has a variety of forums to help you quickly find subjects that interest you (and others) and to make it easier for you to navigate the various threads. Each forum has a particular focus and you should refrain from staring a new thread that does not relate to that forum's intended subject matter. If in doubt, start a new thread in the General Discussion forum and let the staff decide if it should be moved.

3. Stay on topic: A person who starts a thread usually has a particular topic they would like to discuss with other members of the community. Please respect their wishes and only post responses that relate to the subject of the thread. When – as often happens – something is mentioned that you'd like to explore a little more in depth but is off topic for the thread then please don't hijack the thread. Start a new one of your own instead.

4. Respect other forum members: Every member is entitled to his or her opinion and has the right (within the confines of the forum rules) to express it. Please respect their opinion – even if you don't agree with it – and be polite at all times. Civil discussions and arguments are perfectly acceptable and a normal part of most forums. Insults, defamation, and any ad hominem attacks are not, and will be dealt with severely by the Staff. Flame wars will, under no circumstances, be tolerated. Under certain circumstances a Moderator/Admin will post a warning asking that a feud between members cease. This warning will be in BOLD RED. Any member who ignores it will have their post removed and receive a warning, or worse.

5. Do not spam or troll in threads: Do not post meaningless comments in threads or emoticon-only posts. If you have nothing to contribute to a discussion then do not post. Do not post something with the intention of inflaming another member (or members). Trolling is strictly prohibited. Also, try to not double post - posting in lieu of using the edit feature to correct a prior post is prohibited.

6. Profanity, and offensive language and questionable materials: Being a public forum with an international audience (and one that may include younger members) you are required to restrict your use of language and not to use expressions that may be considered foul, vulgar, sexually harassing, racially offensive or in any way discriminatory. Such expressions include, but are not limited to, ethnic slurs, hate speech and religious epithets. Similarly, you are prohibited from posting pornographic, sexually offensive, or images of a type that are unsuitable for a family/office environment. You are further prohibited from posting links to such images.

7. Copyrighted materials: You may not post any material to which either you or Conan Properties Inc. do not own the copyright. When quoting other people or sources always include an attribution and, if possible, a link to the original source.

8. Spoiler Policy: A spoiler is a description of part of a story that reveals a major plot element, particularlly the story's ending. For those who haven't read or seen the story in question, knowing this plot element ahead of time may "spoil" their enjoyment of that story. This site attracts a variety of Conan fans, ranging from movie fans who have never read the written yarns, to short-story fans who haven't seen the movies, to comic fans who may get access to the new comics at different times.With the mutual enjoyment of the Conan stories in mind, we're asking Conan community forum members to refrain from posting plot spoilers unless in their thread title and or post they include a spoiler warning such as:

***Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.***

9. Not Safe For Work Policy: Not Safe For Work (NSFW) is a warning posted on the internet before displaying any images of total nudity, so that users can avoid viewing images that they - or others that may view this - find objectionable. Don't deny it, many of us visit this site from work and don't fancy the idea of their boss catching them looking at risque pictures. So before you display any image that has nudity, you must post "NSFW" at the title of your thread or post, or next to any link that leads to such images. Please keep in mind the policy on questionable material (above) when linking - make sure to use this warning:


10. Off topic subjects: These forums are privately owned and operated and are intended for the use of members who wish to discuss subjects relating to Robert E. Howard & Conan. There are two Off Topic forums for those who wish to discuss items outside the boundaries of REH. However, discussions pertaining to religion and politics are off-limits, as they usually degenerate into insults and flaming. Additionally, topics/posts that are purposely controversial will be deleted. It is not a public park, nor is it intended as a venue to discuss anything you like. Please limit your discussions to follow these guidelines – or obtain special permission from the staff (via PM) to open a thread on a questionable topic.

11. Emoticons (a.k.a. smilies�): It is hard to overstate the importance of using emoticons when posting. Being an international community, some subtleties and nuances of language can easily be misinterpreted. The simple addition of an emoticon to your post can make all the difference in the world. The reverse is true as well – so pay attention to the emoticons used by others.

12. Post language:: The Official Robert E. Howard Forums are English-only forums. Posts in other languages may be deleted without notice.

13. Signatures: Signatures: Many people still surf the internet using dial up ISPs. For that reason there is a restriction on the size of signatures and images in them.

1. Any image used in a Signature should not be more than 25k in size.
2. The signature space used should be no more than 10 lines (including lines of spaces) at the default Font size when viewed at 1152 x 864.

Please make sure that your signature does not contravene these restrictions or the normal forum rules.

14. Private messages: You have a private message box that you can use to contact other forum members (or staff). Please use this for all inter-personal communications rather than posting such correspondence in the public forums. Private messages are subject to the same restrictions as the public forums with regards to language and content. PM spam is prohibited and should reported to the Staff.

There is a limit to the number of messages you can store. Please take the time to occasionally maintain your PM box.

15. Avatar Policy: The Official Robert E. Howard Forum has an avatar policy that requires all members to have a respectful avatar that we would prefer reflect Conan or Robert E. Howard/fantasy. Personal photos, like head-shots, are acceptable. This helps everyone keep their focus on the topics and discussions. We even provide some in your My Settings/Profile section. The forum staff has the right to refuse/delete any avatar for any reason.

16. Multiple Accounts: Multiple accounts are not allowed for reasons of security. Those with more than one account will have all but one deleted and may find their member privileges terminated.

17. Re-registering: Those attempting to re-register after being Banned will have their account immediately terminated, in addition to having their ISP contacted.

18. Ebook Links - Direct or indirect Ebook links to any works by Robert E. Howard are not allowed to be posted. On the REH forums we encourage the purchase of Robert E. Howard printed books to keep our favorite author on the book stands and in print. Likewise, links to any unauthorized audio stories are also prohibited.

19. Fan Fiction - Posting fan fiction is allowed. Please go to Fan Area

Administrators and Staff

The Official Robert E. Howard Forums are overseen by experienced administrators and staff whose responsibilities include (but are not limited to) ensuring that the forum's rules are adhered to, the general maintenance of the forums, and keeping the content in line with the purpose and vision of CPI as a whole. They may, at any time and without prior warning, move/close/delete individual posts or threads, and/or may issue warnings or initiate other disciplinary actions.

All decisions made by the staff are final. If you wish to appeal an action taken by a staff member or would like it to be reviewed, please contact him/her privately and directly (via PM) to discuss it. If you are not satisfied with his/her response you may appeal it to a forum administrator – again, via PM or e-mail. The forum administrator's decisions are final. Do not challenge or discuss any staff or administrative actions in the public forums as this will result in disciplinary action. All such communications are to be conveyed privately, via PM or e-mail.

In extreme cases that warrant it, you may communicate in writing – and with good reason - Conan Properties Inc. Their decisions are final and not debatable.

Disciplinary Actions

If, for any reason, you are in violation of the forum's guidelines or Terms of Use then your account will be reviewed and may be subject to disciplinary action as determined by the Administration or Staff. Actions may include a gentle reminder, a formal warning, a timed ban (suspension), a permanent ban (you will be able to read the forums but be prohibited from posting in them), or an IP ban (you will be unable to access the forums at all). In extreme cases we will contact your ISP or appropriate authorities.

While we reserve the right to terminate your account without warning and/or need for explanation, you will typically be contacted by a member of the Staff via PM. It is your responsibility to ensure that your PM box is able to receive such communications and that you check it on a regular basis. Failure to do so is no excuse - you have a PM box, use it.

In more severe cases a forum administrator may contact you using your registered e-mail address. You are responsible for ensuring that your registered address is valid and capable of accepting such communications. If for any reason an e-mail is undeliverable your account will be banned until you contact us. We will make no further efforts to contact you.

Custom Titles

Members who have amassed a minimum of 100 posts are eligible for a custom title.

The only criteria for this title is civil behavior while posting on the forum.

When you reach the minimum number you will have the opportunity to change the title from 'Spear Carrier' to the selection of your choice. Obviously the title must be in good taste.

Robert E. Howard & Conan Information

Recently there has been some concern over the perceived lack of official news from CPI regarding certain products and announcements. In some cases information has been acquired via a third party. To quote from Fredrik Malmberg, President & CEO of CPI:

"... our policy is not to make any formal announcements until things are up and running, and we can show some stuff on the screen. Even though we may make a deal or two, we don't want anything to be made public until we definitely have something to show."

In short, the Conan News section on the splash page is strictly for formal announcements, and will not deal with daily news or rumors.

Fan Creations

Please Read Welcome to the Fan Area Forum

Crom's Proclamation

This board is for ALL fans of Robert E. Howard/Conan, whether he/she be a casual fan or a serious fan. This board is NOT for condescending know-it-alls, trolls, the ignorant, or the arrogant.

For the most part the topics have been of great interest and very informative. And, for the most part the discussions have been polite and intelligent.

There is no reason why any member should be subjected to ridicule or fanboy aggression due to posting or replying to any topic presented here. That type of behavior is not welcome on this board. Not a single member should have to leave here because of the actions, or attitudes, of a few. There are other sites one can go to for that type of nonsense.

Posting on this Forum is a Privilege, not a right, and Freedom of Speech is not freedom to insult or offend other members.

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Posted 29 January 2011 - 06:58 PM

It is important to stress that posting on these forums is a privilege, not a right. For 99% of the members here that is not a problem.

However, for the 1% who think they are above the rules set down by CPI it is suggested you strongly think about the consequences of publicly arguing Moderator decisions, posting the contents of private messages (like warnings) or starting threads that challenge how these boards are run. This is CPI's house, so CPI's rules apply.

For those who don't get it and find themselves banned, there is always a chance the ban can be lifted. However, whining and crying on other sites will put an end to that.

So, before the 1% of you feel they have to flex their muscles, ask yourself if you really wish to stop posting here.

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Posted 04 August 2015 - 02:56 PM

Please take a moment to read again - or maybe for the first time - the forum rules and guidelines that dictate what is allowed and what is not allowed to be posted on this forum. If you have any questions, please contact any of the moderating staff by the Personal Message (PM) feature.

Thank you

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