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Paper-And-Pencil Conan Role Playing

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Posted 06 February 2012 - 11:21 PM

Cheomesh, if you look on ebay, or check through through some of the online rpg forums, you might find someone who has GURPS: Conan for sale. Although done years, and years, ago there was a short period when Steve Jackson Games had the rights to Conan. The down side is that the last time I saw one for sale, it sold for around $90.00.
Although, IIRC, the majority of the book was based more on deCamp and Carter as much as Howard.

I actually have a copy - forgot to mention. From what I recall off hand, it is very much more de Camp than Howard, right down to some kind of empire of snake men or whatnot from Mayapan (or what would eventually become it) formulating the world. It's very slender, and doesn't really have that much in the way of information.


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Posted 08 February 2012 - 04:37 AM

the dragon age RPG has a free downloadable Age of conan suplement
that is very well made . i'm curently runnig a campaign for it & my
player are quite enjoying it

There are several game systems adapated for play during the Hyborian Age. I can post several links if anyone is interested.

I am actually DMing one myself!

Originally it was going to be the d20 rules by Mongoose (2nd edition) but my original group did not find the classes very interesting. Now we run it in GURPS, with the fluff provided by the Mongoose books.

I've got a Conan RPG game going, too. My group finds the Mongoose rules fantastic. I love them, and I use them RAW (no house rules). I think the classes are perfectly chosen for the Hyborian Age.

My game's been running for about a year now, but we can't play as often as I'd like. The campaign focusses on two Cimmerian clansmen. Where as many RPGs feature multiple character classes and a party of adventurers, my game is playing out more like a real Conan story. Instead of the usual globetrotting, the tale presents two Cimmerian Barbarians of the Blue Fox Clan. I've created a sandbox--the Foxlands (their clan holdings)--for my PCs to explore and adventure in. We may one day leave Cimmeria, but for now, I've got my players real busy just living and breathing as Cimmerian clansmen.

I started the campaign with the PCs age 11, and ever so often, I skip ahead in time. We're slowly playing the entire lives of these characters.

Currently, the PCs are 15 and 16 years old, becoming accepted as adult warriors for the clan. They've made it to 3rd level (Mongoose classes), single classed Cimmerian Barbarians.

Interestingly, we're running it rather realistic for a game based in "Sword and Sorcery" literature, using various realism rules put forth in the GURPS supplements "Low Tech", "Martial Arts" and SJ Game's e-zine "Pyramid". My players even cared about buying and recording proper rationings for the road-trip they're taking.

My game is being run rather "realistically" too, though I'm starting to throw some "Sorcery" into the "Sword & Sorcery" mix.

I'll make a new thread detailing a new monster I've devised called the Demon's Breath. Look for the thread in this section of the forum. If you like what you see, you're welcome to nab it for your game.

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Posted 08 February 2012 - 06:10 PM

As an aside, only one player in my current game was one of the ones that decided to switch to GURPS; the other withdrew and we included two other new ones. The RAW were very nifty, and I'm actually slowly transcribing some (High Living is the current one I'm on). Simply put, I think my players at the time were more used to class-less and sort of wanted to avoid classes all together. Personally I remember not liking some features - putting a sword in your mouth is useful, but shouldn't be a whole class feature; the formation fighting was nifty, but didn't fit too well with the traditional party.

I like the idea of skipping ahead and playing out whole lives; I might have to take that one day. My original plan for this was going to be more "episodic", like the Conan tales, but we kind of got caught up in a run. I have 3 current players, with a 4th about to come in.

One is a woman, somewhat akin to Valeria from Red Nails (in the whole "Women can be warriors too!" sense). Her father and elder brothers were all knights, and her elder brothers both met their ends at the battle of the Valley of the Lions at the end of The Hour of the Dragon. From a young age she wanted to be a fighter too (tomboy, etc), and her step-mother did help out, but at best she just ended up getting one of her step-mother's family friends teaching her to fight with the broad-sword. One morning she stole some equipment from her father's armoury, packed her saddle horse and headed to the nearest tavern to find out what all this "you all meet in a tavern" hubub is all about. She is trying to learn the skills and earn the renown to overcome the womanly stigma and actually be knighted.

One is a thief, a cut-purse on the move. Not as well developed as the rest, but his primary theifing motivations revolve around not starving. He's damnable curious, though.

The third is a giant, well over 7'. He's an interesting character in that the player is acutely aware of what downsides come from being so large (used Andre as a model). He's got bad joints and a bad back. His parents were leatherworkers, but he never picked up too much skill in it. The world isn't made for big people, and pretty much his only clothing is the pelt of a large bear someone had ruined while trying to make into something, so he looks like a weirdo. He made, for a while, a living as a pugilist, but the only people who signed him for fights were hoping he'd lose - the bigger they are, the harder they fall and they really wanted to see him fall hard. He is planning on becoming one of the Adventurers, but I'm not sure the player's 100% on that.

I'll check out your other thread, thanks!


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Posted 10 February 2012 - 05:58 PM

For anyone interested in getting Gurps:Conan, seems that Jackson's company has just started offering it as a download from their site. For those who want a copy you can check it out HERE.
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Posted 30 March 2012 - 06:01 AM


I go there and it has been ongoing since november 2000, basically a forum based strategy war game set in the Nintendo videogame Zelda world. Basically works like a upped version of Risk. 35 wars so far have passed, but now it is in a peacephase of just regular questing.

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Posted 10 July 2013 - 11:46 AM

Hello !


Well, I'm running a campaign using the GURPS 4th ed. ruleset, in Western Shem currently, and my players seem to love it. Started in February, still going.


We have an Argossean ex-bandit (was a shemite slave from birth, escaped, and became a survivor before joining a band), a real miser, a young Asgardian warrior, bent on finding glory or death, and two Shemite mercenaries (an ex herborist - turned - criminal, and an ex- farmboy - turned - criminal). All are more or less mercenaries to be able to move quite freely, and be employed to be authorized to wear their armor (you cannot wear metal armor in some places in my world if you don't have a "sponsor". Gards don't want unmanageable killers in full armor).


Currently, we play in Western Shem, but actually didn't travel a lot. Started running from a raiding Kothian force, fleed into a haunted city, which have been properly looted, freed from its ghosts and evil priestess / demon worshipper, and lost themselves in problems at the closest little town they could find. Soon, however, they'll hit the road again. Desires have been made clear of getting valuable armors and weapons, pillageing ancient ruins and gaining glory by blood.


And the books are wholly vague on Shem. Population is too low, no good map exist, and no comprehensive and usable city list, so ... I'm trying to "build" my own Shem, using data on its climates, geography, and other pieces of information, to make a more precise and correct evaluation of population potential, where the city-states are, and other sutff, the more "realistically" that I can manage... Hard work.

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Posted 12 July 2013 - 02:37 AM

I play it by myself, actually, and have enjoyed it what little I have. Has anyone besides me played an RPG by him or herself?