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The "In Hell" Series, Edited by Janet Morris

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#1 Scott Oden

Scott Oden

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Posted 08 March 2011 - 01:27 AM

Hell's coming . . . and you're all invited!

From Janet and Chris Morris, creators of the award winning series Heroes in Hell, comes an all new collection of demonic tales featuring figures from history as you?ve never seen them before. Beginning this summer with Lawyers in Hell, this new series will be available from Paradise Publishing. They will also be reissuing the originals.

Lawyers in Hell features two writers familiar to REH fans: our esteemed Bruce Durham and . . . me! Here's an excerpt from "Sacrifice", my short fiction debut that features Leonidas and the Spartan 300 in Tartaros:

The spear bites low and deep, slipping between bronze and leather to skewer his hip. He stumbles. The enemy surges forward. A wicker shield catches him off balance; a second spear shatters on the brow of his Corinthian helmet. ?Zeus Savior and Ares!? he bellows; faces loom over him?cruel Asiatics with curled and blood-blasted beards, lips peeled back in snarls of hate. They had paid dearly for this. Oh yes. They had paid the butcher?s bill, a hecatomb of blood and flesh for every man among them. He falls to his knees, hears his own men cry out his name: ?Leonidas!?

Time slows. A tracery of clouds veil the face of the sun, creating bands of light and shadow across the stony brow of Mount Kallidromos. Colors flare and sharpen: the purple of Persian tunics, the gleam of scale and bronze, the warm chestnut of leather . . . all nearly hidden by a pall of blood. Time?s flow resumes with a scream of rage.

Leonidas struggles. He can?t raise his shield. The twenty-pound aspis hangs like a dead weight on the end of his arm. Instead, he lashes out with the broken haft of his spear. A Mede in a fish-scale corselet crashes into the mud before him. Blood gouts as Leonidas plunges the butt-spike into the fallen man?s throat. He glimpses a hennaed beard, the gleam of gold. An Immortal no more. The Spartan?s gaze holds a moment longer, then he glances up . . . in time to see the weapon that will write his doom: a Persian akinakes, its blade notched and slick with blood. Greek blood. The blood of his allies, of his kinsmen, of his precious three hundred. A gory hand snatches at the neck of his breastplate; iron rasps on bronze as the akinakes pierces the hollow of Leonidas? throat.

There is one cold moment of searing pain. Leonidas tries to speak, but his voice is silenced by a foaming tide of blood; he tries to spit in the Persian?s eye, but he cannot draw breath. And as he hangs there, his life?s blood pumping from severed arteries, King Leonidas of Sparta recalls words spoken over a meager breakfast, words to bolster Spartan resolve: ?Eat hearty,? he told his grim-faced Spartiates, his valiant three hundred. ?Eat hearty, for tonight we dine in Hades!?

This summer, come to Hell! You'll never want to leave . . .

#2 Crom


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Posted 08 March 2011 - 04:33 AM

From what I've read so far Scott has seamlessly made the transition from historical author to Hellish historical author. Hades will never be the same,

Expect Lawyers in Hell this summer, to be followed by Adventurers in Hell, another collection that will include tales by Scott and myself.

Here's an excerpt from my story Plains of Hell, where General James Wolfe and General Montcalm are forced to re-fight the Battle of the Plains of Abraham using armies of revenants.

Churchill shrugged. "You have little choice, Wolfe. This was the hand dealt you. Surely you know a general has to make do, however unpleasant that is. Hmm. What have we here?" Reaching into his coat, Churchill produced a pair of binoculars and directed them toward Montcalm. Turning the focus ring he said, "It appears your opponent has solicited help. I see another Frenchman. From his uniform I'd say he's from the time of Napoleon. The other? Let's see. Grey greatcoat. Hat. Massive beard. A gambling man would wager he's from the Civil War."

Eugene asked, "Which one?"

"The American. Wait, there's a third. Hmm. Not sure, but I think he predates us, Eugie."

"Let me see." Eugene took the binoculars from the taller man. "That's Count Tilly. I met him back in New Hell. He fought in the Catholic-Protestant wars in the 1600s. He's a good one."

Churchill stroked his chin. "Tilly. Magdeburg. Yeah, he's a mean bastard all right. Not sure of the credentials of the other two. Perhaps we should go say hello."

Wolfe, his attention divided between the strange-looking binoculars and the banter between Churchill and Eugene, reacted sharply. "What was that? You want to say hello? To Montcalm? Are you serious, sir?"

Eugene shrugged. "Why not? Have you ever met the man?"

"No, I have not. What purpose would it serve?"

Eugene winked. "Well, you could always gloat. But on a serious note, I think it would benefit us to learn who our opponents are."

See you in hell!

#3 amster


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Posted 08 March 2011 - 06:35 PM

Really good stuff guys! I was a big fan of the original series back in the day.
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Posted 20 April 2011 - 03:40 PM

great stuff, perfect teasers...
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#5 Crom


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Posted 09 June 2011 - 10:25 PM

AD, monk, thanks.

The book will be released July 15. Many of the authors will be appearing that weekend (July 15-17) at Liberty Con 24 in Tennessee. Myself and another author will be at Polaris 25 in Toronto the same weekend.

Here's a pic of the front & back cover:

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Posted 28 September 2013 - 06:38 AM

A good review of Lawyers in Hell, the newest installment in this venerable (and well-loved) fantasy/horror series:





I, myself, own "Lawyers" and really enjoyed it. Uneven, here n' there (as with most anthologies), but definitely worth a read. Amongst others, it features the mighty Bruce "Crom" Durham as a contributor.  B)

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