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Question - Life On The Battlefield

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Posted 05 May 2012 - 03:26 AM

I'm working on a large engagement for my Conan campaign. Clan vs. Clan warfare. Like a movie, I plan on focussing on the PCs, down in this hell, and only play out fully what happens to the PCs.

As for the rest of their clan, I'm going to throw dice to determine the overall fate of the PC's clan (there's a system for this, not like a typical wargame style battlesystem, in the Conan RPG that I'm going to use).

What I'm curious about is battlefield casualties.

Picture two Ancient Celtic clans going at it in the woods. Rought terrain. Hilly. No vehicles or horses. No bows--only the occasional thrown spear or hand axe.

It's not a big engagment--something like 30 warriors on each side.

As a general rule of thumb, if a warrior is taken out of action, is he dead? Or, is he more likely wounded so that he cannot continue to fight?

Can you ballpark a percentage on this with your opinion?

And, of those that live, how many (%) do you think will have life-changing wounds--something that won't heal and allow them to return to the next battlefield (like being blinded, having a limb amputated, cracking a warrior's back, and so on...).

I'm trying to speculate how many warriors are just flat out dead when they are incapacitated (the majority?) and how many will return to fight another day.

The floor is yours....