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26 January 2009 - 12:27 PM

Hello guys !
I usually do not interfere with other topics, I don't like to impose my opinions and I try to respect other people ones. And in fact, that someones likes a movie or another is finaly not a big thing when you think that kids are dying every dozens seconds because of starvation in this world (at last it is my opinion).
But I think I must just give my two cents here. Everybody is free of thinking what he/she wants. I don't just believe in that, I know it is right. But insulting people, depreciating their ideas or even their work is not a good thing. I've been using forums for a long time, as many of you here, and regularly people comfortably installed behind their keyboard, feel to do such things. Until now, I had not seen it in this forum, and I am really sadened by it.
The Conan Completist Forum is dedicated to the Milius Movie (not Howard, even if the articles refer to him sometimes of course), so it is understandable that people making this website like it. Regarding the forum, as it is the case for any forum, anybody can log in and write his/her thoughts. That does not make Conan Completist or anybody else in the forum agreing with them. Just like here I supose.
People can continue to act badly on this forum, it won't bother me or ruin my sleep. I am not here to start a "forum war" because I am too old (I mean I am an adult) and don't have time for these kind of plays.
But someone usurped one member identity and it must not be done again. Please know that there are ways to see where people doing this are located like IP adress and other things.
I just would like that everybody cools down and relax. I can enjoy a little joke without any problem, but I think that Conan.com forums were known for the respect their members show to other people. I'd like it to continue ! There is room for everybody's thoughts as long as they respects others.
Thank you.

Edit : If any of you see something pro nazi, or "malevolent" toward REH, please reread carefully the posts of our forum, I think you misunterstood. Thx.